Breaking News : Prof Satish Kumar made petrol from plastic

Prof Satish Kumar made petrol from plastic and made per liter Rs.40

Today, the use of plastic is essential in our daily life Polymer is used as an alternative material in every field of life But the degradation of the healthy natural conditions of the environment is increasing day by day with the use of these plastic products for greater use. Regular use of plastic materials is increasing the levels of contamination at a rapid pace.

Polyethylene bags, cosmetic plastics, household plastics, plastic products used for commercial use take the form of waste in the environment. This plastic pollution is causing enormous damage to the life of plants, animals and animals in the island region. Marine animals are also in crisis. Not just plants or aquatic animals, humans are also directly and indirectly affected by plastic pollution. This plastic is also indirectly responsible for the harmful greenhouse gases that are causing global warming.

In such a situation, a mechanical engineer from Hyderabad has made a surprise by reproducing the plastic in the factory and making it environmentally friendly. He made petrol out of discarded plastic bottles.

Professor Satish Kumar, Mechanical Engineer of Hyderabad, has made three consecutive steps to make petrol from plastic bottles. About 400 kg of petrol can be made from about 500 kg of plastic. And no water is used to make it. The great thing is that it never pollutes the water, so it does not pollute the air. In all respects this is an environmentally friendly approach.

Earlier, many people have tried to make plastic products by re-using plastic. Some are making the road with plastic, some are decorating their plastic bottles and making a suitable place to plant them. Someone is making a variety of beautiful things from plastic to decorating the house. But making petrol out of plastic bottles is an incredible thing. Not just incredible news and good news. . On the one hand, where the amount of mineral gasoline is decreasing, there is fancy petrol in this way! Truly outstanding achievement. Petrol made of this plastic is also being sold for Rs.40 per liter. It is commonly used in factories but is currently being tried to drive vehicles with this petrol.

At one time people made plastic themselves to improve civilization. But at that time, people did not realize that plastic would bring such a great curse on the lives of entire animals. Our world today is plagued by plastic pollution. Since plastic is not environmentally friendly, it does not mix easily with soil, and therefore is as hazardous. Due to the formation of a plastic layer under the ground, the ground water can not be formed, resulting in the depletion of water under the soil. In our daily life, the use of plastic has grown to such an extent that we cannot imagine everyday life without it. The price of plastic made is also much lower so it is easily accepted by people. But if we cannot release the plastic, it will be difficult for us to survive. The world will be on its way to more destruction. The whole world is facing severe damage to plastic.

However, it is possible to reduce the amount of plastic even by recycling plastic. As petrol will be added to it, plastic pollution will provide some relief to the environment and all life. In this way, if the environment is better than plastic, then it is very good.

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