Hailakandi DC imposed 144 CRPC for Considering COVID-19 : Jolly Kritty

Hailakandi Deputy Comissioner ”Jolly Kritty” says that hailakandi administrative has a final decision that all kind of permission issued to the different individual/ groups to organize mela/ public meeting / Mass gathering etc, troughout the district of Hailakandi are hereby cancelled to reduce mass gathering to avoid the spread of COVID-19 Novel Corona Virous disease until further notice.

In order to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus, the public places like state parks, museums, restaurants, zoos, nightclubs are being closed from 9am tomorrow. Apart from this, a ban has been issued on all social ‘girdering’ which will continue till March 3.

Right now the Corona virus has caused panic all over the world. The problem is, when someone is infected it takes a long time to find signs or symptoms of the virus in their body. Normally he is infected with the coronary virus, before he goes to hospital with a fever or cough, he has 3% fibrosis (growth of fine parts), which means it is too late.

Taiwanese experts have discovered a way to check if someone has been infected, which is why one can wake up every morning and check in once every few seconds.
The test is;

Take a long breath in a clean environment and hold it for ten seconds longer. If you do not have any cough, chest pain or pressure while holding this breath, meaning there is no discomfort, it means that there is no fibrosis in your lungs that means no infection, you are completely at risk.

Another very good advice given by Japanese doctors is that everyone should try to make sure that the inside of your throat and mouth never get dry, it is wet. So drink water even if you have one sip every fortnight. Because, somehow the virus enters the body through your mouth, it will go into the stomach with water, and the acid in the stomach will kill that virus immediately.

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