Historical Pestilence and Now Novel Corona Virous for2020

How to Safe You just tips by our team please obey instruction and discussion many years ago Historical Story

The horrors of the plague I read in the fortress of Bomkesh Boxe. Instead of burning the bodies, the bodies were dumped into the river water. As you turn the pages of history, you will find that every 100 years an epidemic is coming and it is spreading. As a result millions of people die and famine and depression later. Whenever human oppression of nature is approaching its extreme, nature is punishing us. Cruel punishment.

Why are you afraid of the fourth and fifth weeks? In India at this time, the number of officially infected people probably did not reach home in the three centuries. Officially I say that because of the symptoms, many more infected people are walking on their own path without their knowledge and infecting others with their own ignorance. When all the symptoms are detected, the coronary epidemic in India will reach the third stage. It’s simple mathematical calculations.

In the third week in Italy, Corona was affected by 1036. In the fourth week, it jumps to 6,332 people, while in the fifth week it is 21,157 people. The third week in Iran was 245 people. Within two weeks, that has risen to 12,729. Do you know the fear? India is now third week. India is still two weeks behind compared to the rest. So think about how important the next two weeks are.

How to jump like this? In Kolkata, two people have been arrested at the moment. They had approached four hundred and fifty people before they left for the hospital. Those four hundred and fifty people do not even know that they are infected. They now have the virus spread to the rest of their bodies.

When everyone is diagnosed with symptoms, think about how far the number can go from one to two. Whether it’s a computer or a human body, the process of spreading the virus is the same. First of all, be careful, it will be too late when you understand in the afternoons.

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