Novel Corona virouse cases has been growing in every time . Prime minister has declared for Janata Carfew on 22th March but this advice is not working and growing up that also growed 08(eight) cases in bengaluru .

Now all over india has 465 cases positive and 10 people are died in thosre days . After administration team and Perliament and Assembly has decided a every city will locked 24th March to 31th March morning 06:30am .

Please read this post very carefully and proceed accordingly to your conscience

Now, from March 23 to March 31. The fourth and fifth week of India. Hearing these words, the thorns are spinning. The shaking is coming. Because in the next two weeks India’s fate is about to be determined. Whether we make history or ourselves will be history, depends on these two weeks.

The lockdown will begin at 6pm, with most requests from the administration this time around the countryside
 * Tea * Shops will be open, shops will have to be closed. Not everyone is aware yet, who knows when they will understand this?

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