Markaz_about_ Maulana_Arshad_Madani_Saheb_ Speech

Markaz_about_ Maulana_Arshad_Madani_Saheb_ Speech

Maulana Arshad Madani, the head of the Ulama in the Jamiat, said in a statement about the negative publicity in the media, citing Nizamuddin Tablig Marquez, at a time when not only the entire country but the whole world is fighting against a devastating disease like the Corona virus.  It is a very disappointing and deplorable thing to make this fight a communal one.

In a video message yesterday, he said if a sudden lockdown caused some people to become trapped and some of them were affected by the epidemic.  Then it did not become such a great thing  Rather, it is necessary to provide treatment for them.  Maulana Madani also said millions of people were trapped in different places across the country due to the sudden lockdown announcement.

Not only in Delhi but in other cities we have seen such a scene.  Many people are desperate to go back to their homes, somehow breaking the lockdown in this helpless situation.  If, at this critical moment, some people get caught up in the struggle, there is nothing to break the law.

He also said that during the announcement of the lockdown, the Prime Minister himself said, “Stay where you are.  Don’t go out  Moreover, it was also reported that the makers of the marakaz reported the matter to the authorities and agencies concerned, even asking for permission to take some people home.

Therefore, no way should Marquez be held accountable.  Despite all this, the country’s media are making a dangerous conspiracy to mislead the people by presenting the situation unilaterally.

Terming the communal tragedy as a bigger threat than the coroner virus, Maulana Madani said the government should not only take notice but stop the propaganda against Muslims immediately.

Because God forbid that such propaganda would harm communal harmony in the country, then as people unitedly fight against the pandemic it will be weakened.  He also said that if the people of Jamaat feel any kind of illness, they will undoubtedly apply for their own treatment.

He has also appealed to the Delhi government and the administration to treat the sick during this time of crisis and fully cooperate with those who suffer from any kind of problem.  He said that the Delhi administration must admit that when they had all the information about Corona, no precautionary measures were taken.

He asked this to the administration, should the zamindars of those who were trapped inside the center due to the lockdown should have been picked up and thrown on the road?  It was no different than keeping them in the center and not letting them out, and that’s what Marquez did.

Mawlana Madani said that in addition to the Tabligh Jamaat talks, there was a meeting of people in various places of the country.  Some of it has been held under the patronage of political leaders. Now if an FIR is lodged against the caretakers of Nizamuddin, then there should be an FIR against the central and state government officials.  Because of their lockdown, millions of workers gathered in various places, including the capital.

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