Shahrukh Khan : Donate for COVID-19 Corona Virus

One is Dil Khan Sahib, how many times will you win?  । |

King Khan has been quietly helping one after another.  Without any publicity.  The businessmen do not need them.  Shahrukh Khan repeated a word, his father used to tell him.  Some will praise the beats and donations will be silent.  Playing more than playing treasures is rude.  Shah Rukh Khan is doing just that with the donation of Corona.  Today he has done a shit, quietly!  The kings do the same.

Many called Shahrukh Khan a traitor but did not say that his father was a freedom fighter.  It does not say that the whole family of Shah Rukh came to Delhi as a refugee after rejecting a country based on religion.  Mir Taj Mohammad Khan.  Father’s name is the name of the Mir Foundation.  The only son Rahul, whose donation has never been covered in charity – name will be heard!

Unless the Bombay Municipal Corporation had informed us, we would not have known that Shah Rukh Khan had given the four-story office building and the municipality a quarantine center for his personal use.  Poor women, old age and children will be kept there for 5 days.  He will be taken to the hospital if he is caught positive.  It is in this office that the Bollywood director and producer sits along the line, or the businessman is killed only ten seconds after Shah Rukh kills his ad.  Now the movie is not going to be a movie.  If people live, then they can watch movies again.

Shah Rukh did not tell anyone about the decision today.  His office did not report what was going on for so long.  Really, this is so!  Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan was giving a large sum of money to the relief fund of his cricket team, the prime minister, the chief minister of Maharashtra and the chief minister of Bengal for the production organization.  Besides, they are providing 50,000 PPE kits to hospitals, Bangla and Maharashtra hospitals to provide more funding for their ventilators or PPE kits in a few days.  Rahul will be eating three times daily for 5500 days of unemployment due to corona in Mumbai.  2000 Plate Meals Rose will make a hospital and a kitchen for people with emergency services.  Khan will give money.  In addition, he and his company, together with the Mumbai Police, will produce packets of three lakh meals daily for the marginalized, laborers and beggars.  When the Mumbai police see such people, they will first give them packets and water provided by Shah Rukh Khan.  They are Hindustan, homeland.  In addition, Delhi will distribute rations to the entire family of Binpayas every week for 2500 workers.

Someone else used to call the media of the whole country.  Rose used to preach on Twitter.  The king doesn’t need these.  Growing up in the country, Shah Rukh Khan is going to do small things in Ayesha!

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