The leadership of Mamata Banarjee : One thousand people standing beside with food items

The target was three thousand three thousand, one thousand people standing beside with food items led by Ashok Rudra Student Youth Cultural Council.

April 5, Asansol: The lockdown is underway, with the deadly condition of ordinary people dependent on daily living. After the ration for everyone under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, despite the lack of human need for the closure of the market, the Youth Cultural Council of the student body of Barnpur stood by the people. Around 1,000 people from Barnpur and Asansol areas were given packets of rice, pulses, potatoes, soybeans etc. in the area. Ashok Rudra, state president of the West Bengal Trinamool Primary Teachers’ Association and state general secretary of the Youth Trinamool Congress, is a convenor of the Youth Cultural Council. The students, youths and teachers of Mamata Banerjee have come forward in this effort to help 3,000 people in different lockdowns in the city of Asansol Nagarigam every week for a total lockdown of 1,000 people each week. Youth Trinamool’s Amit Sen, Swapil Singh, Birju Das, Somnath Dutt of Trinamul Chhatra Parishad, Devguru Mitra, Trinamul Primary Teachers’ Association Buddhadev Samadar, Soumydeep Ghosh, Amitabh Das and Rajiv Mukherjee of secondary. The program has been going on for the last four days, mainly with the help of other Master Masai, local youth grassroots and key grassroots leadership and councilors. Ashok Rudra, Chief Coordinator of State Primary Sports, said that the Student Youth Cultural Council stands by the people in different ways throughout the year. Lockdown and social dispensing are the only ways to prevent the epidemic that has plagued people all over the world at present. Ashok Babu further said that they have helped a thousand people this time, from April 6, another thousand people will be helped in the second phase and then there will be a third phase. He thanked all the members of this council, all the teachers, teachers and all the members of the Youth Congress for participating in this work. He also responded to the call of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Youth Trinamool President Abhishek Banerjee and Education Minister Perth Chatterjee for the first time.

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