The sin that makes God angry

The believer commits many sins willingly or unwillingly. For example – poets, sagiras, bidat etc. Of these sins, the one that causes Allah to anger the most, and thereby increases the death rate, is adultery. Today, fornication has spread all over the world in such a way that people do not think it is a sin.

The essence of this is the fear of Allah and the fear of Allah. This is the most abhorrent, blasphemous and sinful act of Allah. Narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas, he said that if a nation’s self-aggrandizement increased, fear was stirred in the hearts of the people. If adultery is spread among a nation, the death rate there increases.

When people in a community are weighed down in size and weight, their ridge is compressed. When people of a nation are unfairly judged, bloodshed is spread among them. If a nation breaks its promise, Allah puts the enemies on them.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘O people of Muhammad, by Allah! There is no one more angry with Allah than He is angry with His servant who commits adultery. O people of Muhammad, by Allah, if you know what I know, then of course you would laugh less and cry more.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that the seven heavens and the seven lands cursed married adulterers. From their shameful place in hell there will be an odor that even the hell can’t tolerate. In addition to the punishment of the fire, they will also be humiliated in Hell.

Allaah says, “Adulterers marry an adulteress or a polytheist woman, and adulterers marry adulterers or idolaters, and they are forbidden to the believers.”

However, if the adulteress and the adulteress return to repentance, then their marriage with the believers and the believers will be valid. The punishment for adultery is terrible. There are six hadith in the hadith, the evil end of adultery. Three in the world, and three in the Hereafter. The three worlds are: 1. Beauty wasted, 2. Poverty, 3. Premature death And the Hereafter is three. The displeasure of Allah, 1. Hardness of calculation and 2. The punishment of hell is severe

Allaah says, ‘Do not even come near fornication. Because it’s vulgar and abusive behavior.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said that when a servant indulges in fornication, faith goes out of him and it floats on his head like a cloud. Then when he repents, faith returns to him, He further states that God takes away faith from the person who commits adultery or drinking alcohol, as a man takes off his clothes from his head.

After the victory of Egypt at Pharaoh’s Salil Tomb and Musa (peace be upon him), when Allah (swt) commanded the people of Israel to wage jihad against the ‘Jabbarin’ community, the Jabarin community assembled with Balaam ibn Bawr and said: The hardest guys, with the huge forces that have come, will drive us out of our country.

Pray to Allah Ta’ala against him, so that he may take him back. Balaam was a great supporter, accepting any of his prayers. He did not agree to bless the Prophet at first. Later, he forced his wife to give him a favorable gift.

As much as he is praying, his blessings go against Musa and his forces and against the Jabbarin, and the tongue of Balaam goes out of his mouth. When Balaam realized that his blessings were failing, he gave them a suggestion to send your beautiful women among the soldiers of Musa (AS).

As a result, they will commit adultery and they will fall into the wrath of God and be destroyed. When the Jobarin sent their beautiful women among the Israelites, one of them became involved in adultery. As a result, the plague spread among them, and in one day 70,000 Israelis died.

May Allah protect us from adultery

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