When the conspiracy mesh deepens, various events unfold – many videos and posts like @@@ – that have been targeted by Muslims.


When the conspiracy mesh deepens, various events unfold – many videos and posts like @@@ – that have been targeted by Muslims. “

Fact Check!

Desperately launching false propaganda to discredit a community
Most of the society, including the scandalous creatures, are the marketplace prostitute media.

It is only natural to have a false propaganda designed by those whose DNN is false.

A video has been circulated for the past two days.  The people watching this video are spitting on the coronet-infested police of Tabligh.
In that case, all the Muslim society is abusive.

The number of coronary virus patients in the country has increased rapidly after the Covid-19 infection among those involved in religious events in Tabligh Jama at Nizamuddin.
In the wake of this incident, various types of news are being spread from social media to market media just to create communal violence.

One such video has been circulated that the victim of Jamaat-e-Islami was spitting at the police.  So that the infection spreads between them.
On hearing one thing, there is nothing but starting to scold the whole nation.

In this video a man is sitting in front of the police.  After spitting on a policeman, the policemen got up and started beating him.
Video is 27 seconds.

This video claims to be linked to Nizamuddin Tablighi Jamaat,
The video is viral.  The first suspicion in the video is that people from Tablig Jamaat were taken to the hospital’s DTC bus.  However, the video looks like a police van.  Police have surrounded the man, if he is taking him for examination, why is there no medical worker in the car?

This video was published in the Times of India on March 2, 2020.  The video was also released on Maharashtra Times and Mumbai Mirror on February 29, 2020.  According to the report, the man’s name is Mohammad Suhail Shawkat Ali, 26 years old.  Brought to Mumbai court for hearing Was done.


Where his family brought home food for him but the police did not allow him to eat it.  He was angry with the policemen
Spit  After that the police said that Shawkat Ali was beaten.  In fact, this video is 25 minutes a minute.  However, the 27-second section of this video is going viral and links it to Nizamuddin’s Tabligh Jamaat.

This is an old video from Mumbai, not from Delhi’s Nizamuddin, now think they are leaving nothing to riot.  Tablighs are spreading Muslim hatred at the church rally.  A hatred of Muslim haters has been created in a section of the media and through social media, spreading fake news.  By the name of Coronazihad or Nizamuddin Idiots
Various hashtags are also spreading.

Various false news aimed at Muslims, fake videos of Muslim hatred, spread through social media.  We are trapped in checking fake news
By reinforcing that hatred with hate.  “Since the Nizamuddin incident, many videos and posts that have been targeted by Muslims have gone viral.”

A fake video circulated where a group of Muslims are seen licking a dish.  It has been said that this is how Muslims are spreading the Corona virus.  It is actually eaten after eating a ritual of Muslims so that there is no food left or wasted in the dish.

Another video comes where a group of Muslims inside a mosque shows a sound bar.  In the fake post it is said that the Muslims are spreading karuna like this.  But this is actually a Sufi tradition where they practice a breathing habit – that’s what they are doing, “Muslims are responsible for spreading these fake videos in India,
Trying to convey a message like this. “

This time it is said that the people of Tabligh church are naked, have sex with doctors and nurses, they are dancing?

Do you think once in the head?  With the advancement of information technology, no one took a picture or video in the hands of Android phones, CCTV cameras, populous hospitals?  That shows up, spreading so many secretive videos
Reading and did not bring it public.  Isn’t that a bit strange?
The allegation is not true, I have found thousands of evidence.
When the mesh of the conspiracy deepens, various events unfold,
Which is a false propaganda that the public seems to hear.

But you have a conscience, ask yourself questions, do not create hate hate by believing what others say.

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